PeopleSmart is one of the best online background check services you can use to find old friends and check the criminal, civil and financial histories of new people in your life. This background check service differentiates itself by offering a privacy policy that fits with the digital age. It also offers extensive information about the kinds of public records that are available, and lets you search in a variety of ways. You also have a variety of ways to pay, from monthly memberships to one-time searches. You can also start with a basic people search and then choose to learn more with a social networking search or criminal background check.

PeopleSmart comes with many great features. Most of the data it provides is accurate and the contact information it finds is especially good, but it misses some things like traffic infractions and minor civil lawsuits. This service is a good starting place for any people or background research, but it shouldn't necessarily be your last stop.

This is one of the best background check services in terms of search flexibility. You can start with just a last name and from there narrow down your results by first name, state and city of residence, full street address and date of birth, among other things. You can then view the free preview results to choose exactly the person you're looking for using criteria such as age and possible family members. You can also search using email addresses and phone numbers with the reverse search tools on this site.

Once you've found the person you're researching, conducting a criminal background check is simple. You can choose statewide or nationwide results, or you can search just for sex offender status. If your search finds any records, you can see a description of the crime, pleas, dispositions and more. You can also find the businesses associated with your subject, his or her neighbors and relatives, related property ownership and civil court records including bankruptcies, liens and small-claims judgments. If you're looking just for contact information, expect to find email addresses and landline or mobile phone numbers.

In general, PeopleSmart and its privacy tools are easy to use. The company never shows sensitive records such as wealth estimates and relationship statuses, and you can prevent any information about you from appearing on its search results with the click of just a few buttons. This includes publicly held records like court documents and property records. In comparison, some competing services require you to fax or mail them sensitive information for every record you want hidden, and you can only remove information provided by non-public entities.

Whether you are trying to verify information about a new business partner or trying to find an old classmate, getting correct information is paramount. Therefore, we tested each background search we reviewed to see whether the results it provides are correct and complete. PeopleSmart did a very good job of providing relevant information, but it missed some of the public records we found using other people search engines. For example, this service found contact information for every search subject we searched, even when we entered only a last name or used an incorrect city of residence. It found information such as private cell phone numbers that were unavailable with the competitors. However, it also found incorrect and outdated information for some of our search subjects.

Three things complicate the accuracy of reports with this service, and each is common in the industry of online people searches. The first is that PeopleSmart relies on records held by multiple government entities. Therefore, its results are only as accurate as the information held by those agencies. Second, this service isn't certified as a consumer credit reporting agency under the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). That means you can't use your results for employment screening or deciding whether to lend money. It also means that you can't search using a full social security number, so all your results will be estimations. Finally, this service has pledged not to reveal some information, and it makes it easy for anyone to opt out of appearing in search results. This is good news for your online safety, but means that some information about your subject may be unavailable.

Using this background search service is easy, but you can refer to an online FAQs document if you need assistance. You can also email the company with questions and concerns. However, you can't reach this company by telephone or live chat.

PeopleSmart Summary:

PeopleSmart cannot help you screen tenants or employees but it is a good service for finding contact information for anyone in the U.S. It also does an adequate job of checking civil histories and performing criminal background checks.



You can find and investigate people easily with this service, and you will get your results within seconds.

The reports from this background check provider are mostly accurate, but they aren't as comprehensive as those with other services.

The Verdict
: 6.85/10

PeopleSmart lacks a few details in its reports and some customer service avenues but the information we found was accurate and the site is easy to use.